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Eco Friendly Hot Water

The Australian Government is helping Australian households install environmentally friendly hot water systems. Rebates are available to eligible households when a solar or heat pump hot water system is installed. Different eligibility criteria exist, depending on the rebate being applied for.

For an in-depth look into how the solar hot water rebates work and how they apply to you in Western Australia, click here.

Pros of using solar hot water systems include:

  • It is a natural source of energy.
  • When generating electricity, it gives off much less pollution than other means of generating energy.
  • Solar energy has the ability to harness the power in remote locations.
  • Electricity bills will be reduced quite significantly, so the cost of initial installation of the solar energy system will pay itself off over time.
  • You help the planet while not hurting the environment.

Quality Plumbing and Gas promotes solar hot water systems. They can install them and help you choose the brand that is best for your residential or commercial needs. In 2009, Quality Plumbing and Gas was a finalist for ‘Environmental Business of the Year‘ awarded by the Master Plumbers Association.

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