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Water Leakage

How to Save $100s in Water Bills

Water saving is essential if you’re serious about cutting back on the cost of your water bill

Here are our favorite tips on reducing water and as a result you will reduce your water bills:

  1. Make sure you have no leaky taps, cracked pipes, or broken toilet cisterns. The little drips can cost you lots more than you realise.
  2. A smart way to find out if you have hidden leaks is to read your house meter before and after a 3 hour period of no water use. If there is a difference, you may have hidden leaks and need to find them to correct the problem.
  3. Limit shower time by 5 minutes. Depending on your water pressure, your water use could be the equivalent of 10 buckets or more. Cut your shower time, cut your water use and this cuts your water bills.
  4. Install water saving shower heads and low-flow faucet aerators.
  5. Insulate your water pipes. It’s easy and inexpensive to insulate your water pipes with pre-slit foam pipe insulation. Hot water will come faster and in addition it avoids wasting water while it heats up.
  6. Turn off your tap when brushing your teeth. Times this one act by the number of people in your household and the water savings multiply.
  7. Use your dishwasher only when necessary. Using low flow water while washing your dishes uses less water than a dishwasher.

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