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5 Things To Avoid Pouring In The Kitchen Sink

Do you pour small things down the kitchen sink? If yes, you must stop this habit today. Otherwise, the small flecks of wastes that wash the sink can accumulate to block drains and pipes. Ground coffee, scrap food, and other items may stick to the pipe to cause obstruction. The blockage of the sink pipe floods the kitchen immediately. In this case, you need quality residential plumbing in Perth to fix the problems immediately. 

Are you wondering what is safe and harmful to pour down the sink? Okay, let us see the 5 things to avoid pouring down the kitchen sink:


Coffee ground and tea leaves 

Did you know that coffee and tea leaves grounds can stick to your pipes? Yes, you heard it right. They are the main culprits for blocked kitchen pipes. The problem is common at homes where people brew their coffee and tea. Avoid washing these grounds down the sink. Instead, you can seal it in a bag and dispose of it safely in a rubbish bin. 



Flour creates a sticky substance when mixed with water. The glue will harden and block your pipe immediately. The starch in the flour will expand to cause a complete blockage. Also, the glue attracts other substances passing through the pipe. As a result, there will be a complete blockage to your drain or kitchen pipe. If you’re facing this situation, you need a plumber in Perth to get rid of these problems. So, avoid throwing the flour down the kitchen sink. 



Never pour grease down the kitchen sink. Apart from the grease, fats and oil act as agents to hold solid waste together to your pipes. The grease will solidify slowly to cause an obstruction. Instead of throwing down the sink, you should dispose of it in a dustbin. Otherwise, you will need plumbing services in Perth to unblock the pipe in the kitchen. 


Vegetable and fruits peels 

Vegetable and fruit peels can stick to the pipe after washing down the sink. Wastes may not pass through the pipes to cause a flood. Avoid this practice to keep plumbing issues away from your kitchen. 


Raw meat trimmings 

Washing the small trimmings of raw meat down the kitchen sink is a mistake for homeowners. The small pieces of meat do not go down to drains. Instead, you may increase the plumbing problems of your kitchen. Stop this practice if you do not want a messy flood inside your kitchen. 

However, you can pour vinegar and boiling water down the pipe. It will melt down the fats and starch to act as a cleaning agent. Similarly, professional plumbers use many tactics to resolve plumbing issues in the kitchen, bathroom, and other places. 


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