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Importance of Following Gas Compliance Motor Homes

Do you travel extensively around Australia in a campervan or a motor home? Does it have any appliance using LP gas? If yes, then you need to get a gas compliance certificate. In fact, you need to have this certificate if you want to register your caravan. You can be in big trouble for noncompliance of the gas safety regulations.

Installation and connection

Gas compliance campersMost of the issues with noncompliance arise when you don’t have professionals installing the gas units in motor homes. According to the gas regulations from 2010, all fittings and devices in a caravan using LP gas should be installed correctly and used only for its intended purpose. The regulations also require that the professional designing and installing the gas units in these recreational vehicles must follow the gas installation law as per AS/NZS 5601.2: 2013. Any alteration in the device or new installation should meet with the current safety standard.

If the installer doesn’t follow the installation and safety standards, they may apply for a Certified Design according to Reg 43 to make the vehicle legal. This design should elaborately demonstrate the various safety standards of the motor home. If on a random test the evaluators find a noncompliance, they will consider your caravan unsafe.
That is why it is essential to get in touch with a company that follows the law, rules and regulations, and safety standards accurately. We do that to the best of our abilities. You can rely on us when it comes to acquiring a gas compliance motor homes certificate. We are aware of the safety standards and gas laws that exist in the country. Our experts have already completed hundreds of checks, installations, and repairs so that passionate travellers don’t have to risk the loss of their valued motor home.

Buying caravans with gas compliance certificates

It is not always possible for people to buy a brand new motor home. Many people prefer purchasing second-hand caravans to suit their budget. However, if you are purchasing a second-hand motor home, make sure you get a current gas compliance caravan certificate. According to AS5601, every time a motor home is sold, the company needs to issue a new gas compliance certificate. If you don’t get any certificate, you should perform an inspection to acquire one of these compliance letters.

We can carry out a detailed compliance check on the second-hand camper. Starting from the water heater to the gas stove, we check everything to make sure you get the gas compliance campers certificate in your first attempt. If we come across any areas that might fall under the noncompliance section, we will inform you about it. Our experts carry the necessary tools to fix these issues immediately.

Another point that you need to keep in mind while finding a company offering installation of gas devices in a motor home is their license. The company needs to have a license to install these items. Unless you have someone experienced doing the job, there are high chances that you may not go too far with the vehicle. We can show you our license before you hire us. Our team doesn’t believe in offering illegal services. Moreover, the chances to get a gas compliance motor homes certificate increases if you hire a licensed company for the installations and repairs.

How professionals inspect and install gas items in RVs

The first priority on our checklist is the ventilation of the gas from your motor home. You wouldn’t want to die inside your RV suffocating with carbon monoxide all around. So, our first checking point starts with the gas appliance flue terminals. You cannot have a flue terminal inside the caravan. That’s like inviting trouble in your own house. The flue terminal helps to release excess condensation and combustion of toxic gases like carbon monoxide. If we see that the flue terminal is inside the caravan, our first job will be to change its position.  

Some of the gas appliances that can contribute to these harmful gases in your recreational vehicle are hot water heaters, room heaters, and refrigerators. We always prefer to install the gas appliance flues on the offside or the right hand side of the van, far away from the windows. This prevents the gas from entering the caravan if the windows are open. It also has another advantage. If, in future, you install another aftermarket annex, you will not have to worry about the compliance of the gas system.

Apart from the position of the flue terminals, we also consider the space of the vehicle to decide the appropriate area suitable for the annex. Most motor homes have a covered area like the awning. In such cases, we perform the following:

• We keep enough free space on both the sides so that the gas from the flue terminal can pass without any hindrance. That is why we advise our clients to keep the caravan in a place that doesn’t have walls on its sides. Keep it in the open. This will allow the gas to pass freely. • Some campers come with fan-assisted flue terminals. In such cases, we can only open one of the sides. The fan allows the gas to pass quickly. That is why keeping one side open is sufficient. However, the direction of gas discharge should always be on the side that has a significant opening.
Those who try to do this part alone should consult with an authorized gas-fitter before applying for a gas compliance motor homes certificate.

Gas fitting certification

The gas certificate caravan has three compliance levels:

• High risk
• Low risk
• General gas fitting

gas compliance caravan certificateThe installer of the gas appliance will provide the “Certificate of Compliance.” This will include the entire test of inspecting the devices, installing them, and a secondary check after completing the installation. Ideally, you should have a low risk or general gas fitting level if you want to comply with the law. A high risk certificate can lead you to trouble. Many people try to save money up front because they have to pay a lot for the motor home. They usually hire amateurs who can install the appliances at a cheaper rate.

However, this is one mistake that can lead to gas certificate motor homes noncompliance. Unless you get a compliance certificate from the installation professional, you shouldn’t take your recreational vehicle out. You can get in touch with us when it comes to installing your preferred gas appliances in the caravan. We will take measurements of the vehicle before starting with the installation process. Our team loves to do their job in detail. They never miss any compliance point while planning the installation. Whether it is a water heater or a refrigerator, you can rely on us during the installation process.

Apart from the gas certificate campers compliance part, you also need to get a ‘Gas Safety Certificate.’ This proves that the gas appliances installed in your motor home is safe to use. Sometimes the overall gas system may comply with all the rules, regulations, and laws, but one of the devices may malfunction. For example, the water heater may not work correctly due to some issue. That is why it is better to get a ‘Gas Safety Certificate’ also along with the compliance certificate.

professional plumbers If you don’t want to face any legal actions in the future, get a gas compliance certificate for your RV now. We are here to carry out the installations of the gas systems. All you need to do is give www.qualityplumbingandgas.com.au a call.