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5 Tips to Keep Your Drain Clean and Clog-free

The drainage system remains out of sight and out of mind. Most homeowners don’t focus on the sewage system cleaning as long as it is working properly. It may be a costly mistake for you. The sewage problem like clogging requires a lot of money to resolve with the help of a professional. 

Clean your drain regularly and efficiently to lessen the chance of drain problems. Here are a few 5 tips to keep your drain smooth and clean: 

  1. Buy a snake 

Snake is an auger that is inserted into drain lines and then cut or twisted through clogs. The tool is cheap and easy to use. Though this tool may not eliminate all the issues, you can remove a minor clog from the sewer and drain. It will help you to keep the drain clean and clog-free by using it carefully. If a clog is not removed by a snake, it is high time to call a professional drain plumber in Perth for inspection and services. 


  1. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Greases are sticky substances that stick to sewer pipes. The debris is trapped in the grease once it dampens. With passing time, there will be a build-up and blockage of a drainage system. The solution to this problem is to degrease by using a cleaning solution of vinegar and baking soda. The chemical reaction affects these compounds and removes grease gradually. Clear minor clog of your drain and sewer that is caused by grease by pouring this mixture. If this solution can’t unclog a drain, it is better to call a plumber in Perth for professional services. 


  1. General maintenance of drain and sewer 

Plastics, hairs, toys and grease accumulate over time to cause a major drain blockage. The best way to avoid such traumatic overflow of the drainage system is to get general maintenance service from professional plumbers. Regular maintenance services help you to find out the buildup inside the drain and clean it. Professional drain plumbers will inspect with tools and equipment to find out the faults and points where the blockage may occur later. They will clean and remove all waste blockage contaminated water flow. 


  1. Hire professional and qualified plumbers 

Simple drain issues can be easily solved. However, complicated sewer problems need drain cleaning jetters and other tools for efficient cleaning services. You need to hire qualified professionals equipped with tools and skills to resolve challenging drainage problems. Otherwise, you may not effective and ideal solution to your drain and sewage issues. 


  1. Use hot water 

Hot water can clean the clogged and dirty drain. The hot water displaces materials and breaks sediments in the pipes. Pour hot water through the dirty drain for at least 15 minutes to smooth the water flow. 


Fix challenging drain clogs with our professional plumbers 

The drain and sewer should always be kept clean. These are some effective tips that you can apply to keep your drain clog free. Our plumbers provide effective residential plumbing in Perth including drain cleaning and blockage removal at affordable prices. Our drain experts can resolve all the problems within a short time.

professional plumbers Call us at 1300 333 477 to book our drain specialists now.

Contact Your Nearest Perth Drain Cleaning Specialist

Drain Cleaning PerthTimely inspection of the drainage system in your house can save the risks of running into emergencies when the pipes are clogged and there is grime everywhere. But what if the drains clog? You shouldn’t try cleaning them alone because it requires professional supervision. At Quality Plumbing and Gas, we have some of the most experienced drain cleaners who can handle the most complicated drain systems no matter how clogged they are. They use proven techniques to make sure that once they have completed the job, your pipes remain clean and clear for a protracted period.

Residential drain cleaning

Quality Plumbing and Gas is dedicated to offering the best Perth drain cleaning service you can ever experience. We use cost-effective drain cleaning techniques that ensure the smooth functioning of the drainage system. We understand how crucial the drains are for every house, whether it is leading from the kitchen or the bathroom. Fortunately, we have a team of experts who know different methods to clean drains quickly. Some of the cleaning techniques that we use are:

• Drain cabling

This process is also known as snaking. It involves installing a long cable throughout the drain system. It is a very useful technique to inspect drains in Perth, using a tiny camera. Drain cabling allows us to locate the exact position of blockages. Since drains twist and turn in various positions, it becomes hard for anyone to understand where the grime has accumulated without this advanced technology. Once we identify the location of the block, we will take instant action to clean it.

• Hydrojetting

When it comes to Perth drain cleaning, hydrojetting is one of the most popular methods for removing the blockage. We use state of the art tools to ensure that even the most stubborn dust and dirt that accumulates inside the drain goes away. In this method, we locate the position of the blockage and then bring a hydrojet machine that sprays water using significant forces on the blocked area. You can’t imagine the amount of pressure these machines can emit to clean the drains. Depending on the stubbornness of the blocked drain, we can increase or decrease the pressure, but we will make sure that there are no obstacles in the way before we leave.

• Root removal

Houses with lots of trees around are an attractive and desired option for many homeowners in Perth. But there are a few problems that homeowners have to deal with too. One of the problems is roots and twigs accumulating in the drainage system. Even houses with gardens have this issue where dry leaves, soil, silt, and broken stems find their way into the drain system and ultimately block the path of the flowing water. If this occurs, do not hesitate to contact our highly trained professionals in Perth, who will successfully tackle any drain cleaning issues you may have.

Sometimes roots and twigs can block an entire drainage system leading your sinks and toilets to overflow. Until we use a drain camera to spot the area of the blockage, we will not jump to any conclusion. Our technicians and cleaners will carefully look into the amount of waste accumulated and start taking out the roots and leaves slowly. When they are close to completing the cleaning, they will hydrojet the soil and silt inside. This leaves the drain completely free from soil sediments and roots from trees blocking the drain. You will not find any better drain cleaning specialists in Perth.

• Traditional cleaning methods

We often notice that some of the pipes installed in the drain systems are highly susceptible to damage. Our Perth specialist drain cleaning team takes extra care with these units. That’s when we unleash the traditional drain cleaning tools such as the augers and snakes. These are very handy tools when it comes to unclogging drains. We have also seen many homeowners using these tools, but we suggest not using them if you don’t know how to operate them correctly. Since we have Perth drain cleaning specialists working for us, we ask you to leave the job to them.

They will use the drain snakes to fix clogged sinks and toilets. This tool is appropriate for clearing small blockages such as cleaning tissue papers, hair, etc. One of the reasons why the snake and auger system is still very popular is that the long stick can fit inside almost any drain. Once we reach the blocked area, one of the cleaners will poke the clog that allows the water to come through. Depending on the clog, we also use snakes in conjunction along with the augers to quickly clean blockages. As the snake pokes into the clog, the auger pulls it with its hooked end. This to and fro movement dismantles the block and clears any hard debris accumulating inside.

Why hire us?

Over the years, we have worked hard to become the leaders in the business by offering high-quality drain cleaning services throughout Perth, at very competitive prices. We understand that customers look for a company that is both experienced and doesn’t charge a fortune. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with the above cost-effective drain cleaning methods that not only cleans drains efficiently but also ensures you don’t have to spend a lot every time you hire us. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a massive customer base, and it has been possible because of many reasons:

• Perth Quality Plumbing and Gas are a fully licensed and insured company. All the cleaners working in our company are certified. This means they have undergone proper training in drain cleaning services before getting hired. We assure you that you will not be dissatisfied with the quality of service we offer.

• The use of the latest tools and machines allows us to find the location of the blockage quickly. We believe in providing quick service so that your house doesn’t get any subsequent damage from obstructed drain pipes.

• Perth Quality Plumbing and Gas offers emergency services at no extra cost. We understand drainage issues can occur suddenly and unexpectedly, so we offer emergency drain cleaning services throughout Perth.

professional plumbers We are confident that our Perth drain cleaning professionals will do an excellent job at your place, but we need that opportunity to show our worth. Do call Quality Plumbing and gas at www.qualityplumbingandgas.com.au whenever you require drain cleaning in Perth. We will be more than happy to help.