How To Patch Leaking Pipes In The Bathroom In Perth?

A burst pipe can flood your home in no time irrespective of its size. In this situation, time is a critical factor to save your property from damage. Flooding causes significant damage to your interior and household accessories. Therefore, a fast solution is essential to manage water flow until a professional plumber in Perth comes to the rescue. The plumber will inspect and repair the pipeline. 

Things to do in water leakages in the house 

A burst pipe creates an emergency plumbing situation for you. The first thing that you should do in a pipe burst is shut off the main water supply. Open the faucet connected to the lowest points in the leaking pipe to drain the remaining water away. It will help to relieve water pressure and stop water from gushing down to the house. Clean the damaged pipe and wipe it to dry fast. 


Temporary solutions for water leakages 

Water leakages in the bathroom and other parts create a traumatic situation for family members. It is best to avoid such problematic plumbing issues in life. But, pipe bursts and leakages are inevitable. Water leakages are the most common plumbing issue in Australian homes. It is essential to get 24/7 emergency plumbing in Perth to get immediate assistance from experienced plumbers. Until they arrive for plumbing issues, use temporary solutions to reduce water flow. Let us look at the temporary pipe burst solutions: 

  1. Duct Tape

Duct tape is widely used in fixing a leaky pipe. Wrap the waterproof tape around the pipe many times to create a seal. The temporary solution prevents leakages of water from a pipe. 

  1. Pipe clamps

Apart from using duct tape, you can use clamps to patch leakages from a pipe. After patching the pipe, use a clamp to fasten the tape strongly. 

  1. Epoxy

Epoxy is a malleable compound used to seal cracks and plug leaks in pipes by molding them. Break a small part and knead the epoxy well to be soft for closing a leak. Allow the epoxy to harden for a few minutes after pushing in and around the leak or crack. 

  1. Rubber pipe connectors

The rubber pipe connectors are useful to stop water leakages from joints. Wrap the rubber coupling or connector to tighten the leakage point. But, connectors are not easy to use without experience and skills. Make sure to know what you are doing before flooding the toilet and floor. 

  1. Pipe wraps 

Apply the pipe wraps in and around the surface of the leak to create a seal. But, you must know where to place the wrap to stop leaks and cracks. 

Moreover, repair sleeves are suitable for cracks, joints, and pinhole repairs. These are strong temporary repairs for water leakages until plumbers come to help you.

Fix bathroom pipe leakages with our plumbers in Perth

A smooth water supply is important for every household. But, broken pipes in the bathroom and other places can flood your property. The patching tips will help you with a temporary solution to water leakage from flooding your house.

Call a plumber to offer quality bathroom plumbing in Perth at affordable prices.