5 Common Reasons For Hot Water System Failure

It is difficult going without hot water. That is especially true when the temperature
dips in the winter season. Like other appliances, water heaters also fail. You have to
take a cold shower. But the worse is when you have a water leak. The best way to
avoid these problems is to get maintenance service from an efficient residential
plumber in Perth. The residential plumbers who offer maintenance and repair
services know how to keep plumbing issues away.  

6 prominent signs of a malfunctioning water heater: 
1. Giving cold water 
2. Delivering warm water but never hot 
3. Noisy water heater 
4. Giving rusty, muddy and discoloured water 
5. Water has a metallic smell and taste 
6. Water leakages around the heater 

If you witness one of these signs, it is better to call a professional plumber for
inspection and corrective services. If the problem remains unaddressed, it may hurt its
functioning and cause a total breakdown. 

5 common hot water system problems 

Households encounter a lot of problems with hot water systems. The electrical
appliance needs proper maintenance for smooth functioning. Let us look at the 5
common issues in the hot water system: 

1. Not enough for a big family 
Hot water systems come in different sizes and shapes on the expected level of use.
Not all water heaters can cater for the need of a big family. Get a hot water system
that suits your household size. The hot water system pressure decreases when all taps
are opened for a household with more family members. 

2. Sediment buildup 
Sediment buildup is one of the prominent reasons for discharging warm water from
your hot water system. If you suspect sediment buildup, call professional plumbers to
flush and clean the system instead of investing in a new water heater. 

3. Issues in the thermostat 
The thermostat moves down in temperature over time. It indicates there is a need to
hike back the temperature again. Check the thermostat and hike the temperature to the
recommended range, between 50 to 60 degrees. Read the setting manual well to avoid
burning the heater. 

4. Broken heating element 
If your water heater is getting on and doesn’t heat, a broken heating element could be
the reason. Heating elements need a minimum cost to replace than a full replacement.
Call our professional hot water systems repair in Perth for immediate assistance.
Our plumbers will inspect and fix the problem in no time.

5. Dodgy pipe connections or damaged parts
Water heaters are built and designed to last. But, they are exposed to extreme heat and
work hard in the winter months. There may be a loose pipe fitting and damaged inner
valves in the water heater. The loose pipe fittings cause micro leakages that need
urgent attention from qualified plumbers. 

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