Commercial plumber in PerthThe Neo Power Hot Water Solutions is skillfully designed and made under strict compliance with the assurance procedures using only the parts with the highest quality such as Grundfos pump, Bosch gas booster and AVG air ventilation) and other advanced machinery there is. It may be either Gas or Electric Boosted and it uses specialized solar collector tube designs that are made from 2mm hardened borosilicate glass instead of panels to ensure an affirmative sun-tracking that is caused by the cylinder-shaped absorber that can maintain up to 97% of heat. Roof mounting systems in flat or pitched are also available. The high insulation of this water tank is made from a quality crafted steel plate and is being welded by advanced welding machines that ensure positive ability and it is being coated with environment-friendly polyurethane foam that can retain heat even for 24 hours.

Uses of Neo Power Hot Water Solutions—Gas Plumber in Perth


Perth Plumbing and GasNeo Power Hot Water System may be used not just in residential but can also in business and commercial buildings purposes. Its basic main solar tube remains the same that the solar collector collects the sun’s light and heat energy. As a heat absorber, Neo power uses a vacuum tube, using aluminum fin and heat pipes as its heat carrier. The internal cover coating of the vacuum tube is the one responsible for converting solar energy into heat energy and transfers the heat to the heat pipes with aluminum fins.

The liquid then turns into a vapor state and goes through the top (condenser unit). The heat goes through a heat exchanger and transforming the vapor into a liquid state, and returning at the bottom heat pipe. Then the heat goes to a liquid heat transfer through a copper pipe. This cycle then creates a transfer of heat into a liquid stated and creates a cycle as long as the collector is being heated by the sun. So the cold water will then transform into hot water again. A pump then circulates and pushes the water into a solar collector then transfers the captured heat to the water. The heat is being stored in the tank, making it continually produce heat through the day. Then hot water is being drawn out from the tank into the household when the taps are open.


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